Role of Plant Secondary Compounds in the Cell Cycle

My involvement with the Arkansas INBRE  and RI INBRE has lead to a strong collaboration between Dr. Marie Chow at the University of Arkansas of the Medical Sciences, Dr. Steven Moss from Brown University  and myself.  Together we developed a new project that was funded by RI INBRE to study particular plant secondary metabolites in both Plant callus tissue and animal gastric cancer cells. Our preliminary data show that, in Rubus, phenolics, produced in the head structure of the glandular trichomes, are transported to cellular nuclei in the underlying stalk tissue.  Due to the nuclear localization of these phenolics and the cell proliferative response that is subsequently induced, we have hypothesized that these phenolics represent a new class of plant hormones that activate developmentally-regulated signal transduction pathways.  We further hypothesized that these phenolics also are able to activate mammalian signaling pathways by mimicking small molecule ligands.



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